15th April 2019

Shhhhh! We don’t want everyone to know

We know our clients. Often they are private people who find the big fanfare of showcasing their homes a little off-putting. Sometimes they just want to test the property market and don’t necessarily want everyone to know they’re thinking of moving (because they may stay put). Or maybe they want to take the sale of their home at their own pace.

In short there are many reasons why owners selling their homes would like to approach it quietly. Indeed there are just as many purchasers who like to buy discreetly, too.

Yes, we can shout about your home coming to the market with top notch imagery and descriptions on Rightmove, displays in our offices across the Forest, splashes in local press and across social media, and one of our distinctive sale boards; even The London and Country Property Show in Chelsea.

But we are also able to market your home discreetly, providing a thorough and targeted service to find the right buyer for your special home. Or we are able to find the perfect property for very private purchasers. It is a different approach and it is one we’re rather good at; creating the right environment for buying and selling with confidence and the minimum of fuss.

Want to know how it’s done? Come in and we’ll tell you. On the quiet.