1st April 2022

The London and Country Property Show 2022

We at Spencers are happy to announce that we will be attending the fourteenth London & Country Property Show, held on Tuesday 10th May 2022, London SW3. Leading firms of Estate Agents and Chartered Surveyors from across the country, including Spencers, will be exhibiting. From rectories to Country Estates, from farmhouses to ‘chocolate box’ cottages, from bungalows to large London family homes, from ski chalets to villas, a broad spectrum of residential properties will be available to buy or rent.

We asked Bob Bickersteth Director of the London Office some questions

Have you seen any changes or trends over the last two years that have affected the London out property market?

The pandemic turned so many lives upside down and, for some, the city which they had loved has suddenly felt dangerous and claustrophobic. It has brought into sharp focus their living arrangements, such as lack of gardens and overcrowding prompting them to reassess their priorities during Lockdown and wanted, or needed to live in a different space, or location.

There is no doubt that there has been a seismic shift in the number of applicants looking to relocate from London to the country either part or full time. In the first year of the pandemic, we registered a 39% increase in London based applicants registering to move out of the Capital. Last year this trend had not slowed and this year we have seen a slight reduction. Whilst some of this increased demand was the pent-up activity of those who were already “in the market,” the majority are new potential purchasers/tenants entering the fray some bringing forward their 5-year plans.

Another noticeable trend has been the ’swap.’ In the past those with a principal home in London and a smaller weekend property people are now wanting the reverse. They are also tending now to have their families based in the country and spend a few mid-weeknights in town.

Your home in London banner.

What type of buyers will be attending and have their motivations changed?

We get a broad age range of applicants. Many are looking for more space in a rural environment whilst still being able to commute into London for part of the week with enough space to set up an office at home. We have also seen a growth in searches for property that can generate an income such as holiday lets, glamping sites, or stabling. Families looking for space for multigenerational living, or to be closer to schools for their children, people looking for weekend bolt holes, Ex-pats returning to the UK and retiree’s wanting to be closer to their children/grandchildren.

What kind of properties and what features are top of their search criteria?

Extra space especially outbuildings for a proper office, outside space and fast broadband are high up on the search criteria. Properties located in a good village with a range of amenities are ever-popular, although energy-efficient homes do not come not far behind. If they need to commute daily, good access to mainline station as well as secondary accommodation for income or relative/staff.

Bob comments “After a break of 2 years, we have decided the time is right to exhibit at the show. It is for those who are inquisitive about moving away from London, investing in property in and outside the capital, or simply for people looking for a different lifestyle.

There has been a dramatic rise in interest for both London and country properties. Partners from our country offices, along with the central London agents, will be available to answer questions relating to specific properties.

Over the years we have found that, despite the internet, there is no substitute for talking face to face with a local expert who is able to impartial balanced advice on local schools, sporting facilities, rental income, commuting times and pubs. From the response to the initial marketing, we expect high attendance. There will also be leading buying agents attending, together with samples of local produce on the regional stands”

Rob Batten of the Lymington office says “This is a fantastic opportunity for us to take our full portfolio of properties for sale or to rent up to London from our four offices. We have seen a 60% increase in applicants since May 2020 looking to move into our area with many coming from London. If you would like to include your property at the show please contact me or your local office.”

Find out more https://www.londonandcountryproperty.co.uk/